Q. How much does it cost to hire a costume?
A. The price varies dependant on what is selected. Most costumes are between $35 & $60 to hire, although we have many that are below $35 and our premium range can be up to $100.

Q. How much is the bond?
A. A bond is charged at the time of booking. Costumes that are under $50 to hire have a $20 bond and those over $50 have a bond that is equal to the hire fee. If bonds are paid in cash, we will refund in cash. If bonds are paid by EFTPOS then we refund your bond back on to your EFTPOS card.

Q. Can I pay by Credit Card?
A. At this point we do not have Credit Card facilities. We are happy to accept payment by Cash or EFTPOS.

Q. What is the length of hire?
A. In general, the hire period is from Thursday to Monday – if you need an extended hire, please enquire. For costumes required mid-week, collection can be Monday or Tuesday and the return day Thursday or Friday.

Q. Is personal ID required?
A. Yes, you will need to supply a current photo ID e.g. Drivers License or Passport

Q. Can I book for a future date?
A. Yes you can. In fact, it’s a very good idea to book ahead so that you make sure of getting the costume you want.

Q. If I get the costume dirty, do I wash it?
A. No, thanks for the thought but we prefer to clean the costumes ourselves.

Q. Do you have children’s costumes?
A. No, we’re sorry but we have no children’s costumes available for hire.

Q. Can you do courier deliveries?
A. Yes we can. The cost depends on where you are and the weight or size of the parcel.
Please ask for a quote.

Q. Do you have group discount?
A. We can offer a discount when there are 10 or more costumes paid for on one account.

Q. Do you have an afterhours drop off?
A. No we don’t. When you hire a costume from us, you accept the responsibility of returning it in good order. We like to check all components of the costume in front of you to avoid disputes. If you have a problem returning it, you can arrange to get someone else to return the costume for you.

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