Pirate Costumes

If you want to be Swashbuckling Pirates and Seafaring Wenches, the best costumes are here at Malthouse Costumes.

Our Pirate wenches are all complete costumes and look great on all sizes and shapes. If you’re after something a little shorter & sassier, check out the Pirate Wenches in our Leg Avenue collection.

Most of our Swashbucklers are put together from individual items, which means that your look will be unique. We have great pirate vests, with professional distressing to make them look authentic, 18th-century shirts, britches, tricorns (pirate hats) and even half wigs to attach to the hats which help to make you look like you just came ashore!

There are a few exceptions, like our fabulous Captain Jack Sparrow costumes that come complete with wig, hat, make-up and boots. Many customers have reported that when they wore our Capt Jack, they had heaps of attention!

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